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Twll Du Update - January 2018 - combined statement from the PDCMG and CCC Secretaries re Twll Du

Twll Du Update - January 2018 - combined statement from the PDCMG and CCC Secretaries re Twll Du

The dates for the 2018 Castlemartin Range meetings, to obtain a permit to enter Range West for cave exploration purposes, are:
30/3/18 10:00 (Good Friday)
26/4/18 18:00
28/4/18 10:00
24/5/18 18:00 (Whitsun B/H)
26/5/18 10:00

Entry into Ogof Gofan, which is in Range East and accessible from the coast path when there are no military operations, has to be booked through the CCC Conservation / Access Officer.  Generally there is no firing after 5pm or on weekends and throughout the following holiday periods:

Easter 24/3/18 – 8/4/18
Summer 1/8/18 – 2/9/18

Twll Du - January 2018
A Stop notice has been placed on Twll Du by Cadw and cavers are asked to abide by the notice and not use this entrance.
A stop notice lasts for 28 days.
The various bodies involved are in discussions as to the best way forward.
Continued use of this entrance will cause further damage to the site which will make negotiations much more difficult.


Twll Du Update - January 2018 - combined statement from the PDCMG and CCC Secretaries re Twll Du


This meeting will take place at 09.30 on Sunday 21st January 2018 in the Long Common Room, South Wales Caving Club, Penwyllt.
2017 AGM Minutes - download
SMWCRT Agenda - download
Officers Reports - download
SMWCRT Constitution 2018 Draft Changes - download
SMWCRT Consititutional Amendment Notes - download

Ogof y ci access - January 2018

The landowners at ogof y ci have requested that people ask at the farm before using Ogof Y Ci and that visits are only during the daytime, no evening trips.

Welsh Government Consultation WG31811 "Taking Forward Wales' Sustainable Management of Natural Resources"

Read the CCC's Full Response to WG (final version) read more

Short Summary of CCC's response for Cavers read more

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The number of personal responses sent by email or letter to the WG from all cavers and clubs is important to demonstrate our interest.  Please support better future cave access and endorse CCC's efforts by sending in your personal short response before 30th September 2017.  We have provided a template letter which can be cut and pasted and adapted as you wish at download and the WG's email/postal addresses are given in this.

BCA response letter to WG - download

Craig y Nos Quarry Cave - September 2017

There is now a gate to access Craig y Nos Quarry Cave, installed by the landowner Dan yr Ogof Show Caves Ltd. A key to the gate can be obtained from Absolute Adventure, whose centre is on the opposite side of the valley and they are leasing the quarry land in question. Contact details are:
Email -
Phone - 01639 730518