How to Join the Cambrian Caving Council

Full membership is open to clubs which are members of the British Caving Association (BCA). There is no subscription charge. The easiest way of joining is for the club to include Cambrian in its list of affiliated regional councils on the BCA membership renewal form. Alternatively, contact our secretary and ask to be added to the list of members.
Clubs which are not members of BCA may apply for Associate membership if they have an established interest in the caves or mines of Wales or the Forest of Dean. Applications for Associate membership must be sponsored by a full member club and should be made in writing to our secretary, enclosing a copy of the club’s constitution. The application will be decided at the Council’s next General Meeting, at which the applicant and sponsor should be represented.
Associate member clubs pay an annual subscription, currently £12, reviewed at the AGM.
Direct Individual Members of BCA may apply to become individual Associate members of Cambrian by contacting our secretary and asking to be added to the list of members. There is no subscription charge for individual associate membership.
Only full member clubs are eligible to vote at General Meetings.