P Hangers

A reminder of where there are eco-anchors placed in caves of the Cambrian region, this includes Wales and the Forest of Dean.

Ogof Draenen

Indiana Highway traverse 5
  Balcony Pitch 3
  Spare Rib rope climb 3
Agen Allwedd Keyhole Chamber 4
Llanelly Quarry Pot Entrance Rift 1
  Main Pitch 4
Jackdaw Quarry Pot Main Pitch 1
Slaughter Stream Cave Wet Sink pitches 6
Ogof Hen Ffynhonnau Entrance pitch 2
  Main pitch 2
Pant Mawr Pot Entrance pitch 4
Lesser Garth Cave Main pitch 3
Pwll Dwfn First pitch 1
  Second pitch 5
  Third pitch 3
  Fourth pitch 4
  Fifth pitch 5

*Eco-anchor placement in Pwll Dwfn is now complete. Click here for Pwll Dwfn Topo Guide


Eco-Anchor Safety Checks

All anchors should be checked before use.  Twist the anchor using the fingers, while observing any movement.  Slight flexing or rotational movement (+ / - 1mm) of the anchor is acceptable.

The following points should be checked before using or loading the anchors:

  • Looseness or fracture of the rock in which the anchor is placed.
  • Grooves or abrasion inside the curvature of the anchor (i.e. the inside contact area of the anchor).
  • Obvious damage to the anchor or placement from rock fall.
  • Excessive rotation of the resin within the drilled hole.
  • Rotation of the anchor within the resin.
  • Fracturing of the rock within 20cm of the anchor placement.
  • Egress of the anchor from the resin or resin from the drilled hole.

Bob Mehew. Chair BCA E&T Committee

In event of finding a potential Eco-Anchor fault in the Cambrian Region please contact the CCC Equipment Officer and he will contact one of the cavers trained in eco-anchor placement.

Above Pant Mawr Pot pitch