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Mynydd Llangatwg Cave Management Advisory Committee (MLCMAC)

The former cave management committee was effectively left in limbo when NRW withdrew from funding, running and chairing it. The group has now been adopted by Caving Wales where the plan is to let it run as a subcommittee comprising its the previous members (but not NRW staff) and welcomes anyone else expressing an interest in helping look after the caves on its patch. NRW's cave management agreement with the landowners (Beaufort Estate) essentially ended when NRW defaulted. The established position of the estate, as stated in various meetings over the years, is that they approve of responsible bona fide caving activities on their land and cavers themselves must assess what 'responsible' implies and act accordingly. We hope to be able to re-affirm this simple and pragmatic position in a meeting with the estate later in the summer and reach a clear understanding with them that Caving Wales will take responsibility where NRW left off.

Ogof Craig a Ffynnon - Access

Following reports of unauthorised access to the cave, Caving Wales have changed the lock for OCAF. The new lock is the same key as fits Ogof Cnwc (the Daren Cilau No.2 entrance) itself in use for 10+ years and for which there are 30+ keys in circulation. Clubs or cavers wanting to access the cave should contact the MLCMAC access officer via Chelsea Spelaeological Society Groups staying at Whitewalls can be provided with a set of local cave keys for the duration of their stay by prior arrangement. .