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Coronavirus Pandemic - last updated on Monday 6th July 2020

The lockdown has ended.  Travel is open. Be cautious, considerate, careful, competent The ‘stay local’ travel restriction has been lifted from 6th July so that people can now travel as far as they like for all purposes.  This implies people living in Wales and England can now travel into any Welsh caving area for recreation.  From 13th July some self-contained overnight accommodation may become avaliable - such as cottage rentals, glamping pods with all facilities - but not hostels, caving huts or campsites where people share kitchens and bathrooms.  Pubs are also expected to re-open on 13th July but for an outdoors service only. The Brecon Beacons National Park has lifted all its land, car park and footpath closures.  The Pembrokshire Coast path opened last week without publicity.  The Snowdonia NPA’s website is equally devoid of any statement on land closures but it can be assumed that the absence of closure information means it has all now re-opened. As sport cavers in Wales, we should adhere to the legal requirements and follow the Welsh Government advice, paying particular attention to any virus transmission risks that may arise by participation in recreational caving. There is no explicit ban on caving, nor on any other sport, but in practice sports are being limited by the legal requirement for two-metre social distancing when taking exercise and in most other cirumstances.  This clearly rules out sports with physical contact between individuals like rugby. Caves situated on CROW Access Land and Urban Commons can now be reached as of right, while other caves on private land will still need consent from respective landowners by following or adapting the established procedures for obtaining access permission so as to factor the ‘new normal’.  Clubs that issue cave keys to day visitors are expected to provide some kind of self-service system with a key box situated outdoors.  Management committees are also expected to provide appropriate systems for issuing cave keys. The Dan-yr-Ogof cave advisory panel has advised a new access system of one group per day to its list of cave leaders with local arrangements to get a key.  The Show Cave commercial website suggests the business is still closed but we hope that they can re-open very soon and make the most of the remainder of this summer. The commercial use of caves, including professionally-led visits, is outside the scope of this article. .
Cambrian Caving Council
For sport cavers wanting to access caves local to home we suggest that you should: Keep apart from other groups Be prepared to alter your plans to avoid meeting with others especially in the         more popular caves and those with constricted sections Wear gloves whilst caving to reduce contact with the cave Cave well within your own ability, and the ability of everyone in your party Respect local residents and landowners who may be shielding or concerned