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Important Update  - OFD1- Please note the following information regarding the access route to the entrance - download

Temporary Closure - Ogof Capel & Ogof Gelynnen - both caves will be closed until the summer of 2019 due to critical work in the immediate vicinity of the caves, notices have been placed by the entrances to inform cavers that the caves are closed

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Above - Sendero Luminoso, War of the Worlds, Ogof Draenen.


About Us

The Cambrian Caving Council is the National Association for caving in Wales, it is comprised of caving clubs or similar organisations therein or organisations with major speleological interests or establishments therein. It represents their interests in Wales, The Marches and the Forest of Dean on a regional basis within the UK context, whilst maintaining its position as an independent autonomous body within the Principality. Several of the clubs have club huts in South Wales. 
It is a Constituent Body member of the British Caving Association of Great Britain, and is represented on its Committees, viz: Executive, Conservation & Access, Equipment, Training, Structure (and Legal & Insurance).

The Council was formed in January 1969, its first members being 21 caving clubs with major interests or confirmed establishments in the region, i.e. having caving club huts herein. Any outdoor activity club with interests in caves or mines in the region may apply to join. 
The Council itself does not control access to any cave, though it does have a representative on the OFD Management Committee, the Pwlldu Cave Management Committee (re Ogof Draenen), the Dan-yr-Ogof Advisory Committee and an observer at the Mynydd Llangatwg Cave Management/Advisory Committee. 

It is a member of the Countryside Council for Wales Access Forum, the Wales Wildlife & Countryside LINK, the Swansea Environment Centre, the Welsh Sports Association, the W.S.A. Outdoor Pursuits Group, the Brecon Beacons National Park Access & Recreation Advisory Group, the Gwenlais Valley Consortium (Carmel Woods), the Pembrokeshire Outdoor Charter, the Gower Cave Advisory Group and the Welsh Exploration Society. 
It maintains close contact with national and regional bodies, such as, the Countryside Council for Wales, English Nature, Welsh Water plc, Forestry Commission, Forestry Enterprise, county bat groups, and the Sports Council for Wales, as well as with the other Regional Caving Councils. 

Its aims and objects are as follows:- 
· To encourage the exchange of information between clubs and other regional and national bodies. 
· To safeguard the interests of caving clubs 
· To maintain friendly relationships with, and foster the spirit of co-operation between similar and associated bodies, with a view to promoting and achieving objects of mutual interest. 
· To encourage the recording of information on sites of speleological interest in Wales and The Marches, in the Cambrian Cave Registry or a similar body. 
· To encourage conservation. 
· To establish and maintain good relationships with non- caving bodies. 

There are three Guiding Principles involved with these, namely:- 
· There shall be respect for the autonomy and independence of action of Member Clubs, provided that these are not against the Council’s Aims and Objects. 
· That the owners and tenants of property containing caves, have the right to grant or withhold access. Where caving clubs, singly or jointly, have control of access delegated to them by the owners, such access should be obtained and granted as freely as possible for responsible cavers, within the terms of those agreements. When obliged to make new agreements, the appropriate body/group should endeavor to ensure that this freedom is maintained or improved. 
· That the Council supports the policy of the Sports Council for Wales in the control of drug abuse as laid down in its advice to Governing Bodies of Sport.

There are representatives on:- 
Welsh Sports Association 
W.S.A. Outdoor Pursuits Group 
OFD Management Committee 
Pwlldu Cave Management Committee 
Brecon Beacons National Park Access & Recreation Advisory Group 
Countryside Council for Wales Wales Access Forum 
Wales Wildlife & Countryside LINK 
Gwenlais Valley Consortium (Carmel Woods) 
Pembrokeshire Outdoor Activity Centres Charter 
An Observer on the Mynydd Llangatwg Cave Management/Advisory Committee. National Caving Association Radon Working Party 
British Caving Association 

Applications for membership are considered provisionally at its General Meetings, with ratification of Full Membership granted at the following General Meeting. Associate membership is also available for clubs who are unable to attend the General Meetings because of the distance involved. 
It provides a pack of information leaflets including a list of clubs for those enquirers wishing to know more about the Council, the sport and its membership. 
All enquiries regarding membership etc should be made to the Hon. Secretary: