Archived News 2005

OFD2 Top Entrance - August 2005

There has been a roof fall just inside Top Entrance.
Parts of the roof, over an area from the entrance to one and a half metres in and the full width of the passage, have collapsed.
The obvious loose rocks left hanging in the rood have been brought down.
Please use this entrance with extreme care.
Only one person at a time in the area between the bits of stripey tape please.
On your own head be it.
SWCC Conservation Officer.

Little Neath River Cave and Bridge Cave - July 2005

Agreement has been reached for Cambrian Caving Council to take over administration of access to these caves on behalf of all cavers both recreational and professional. As before, cavers will be expected to pay the agreed fee for parking to the land owners (the Lewis Family of Blaen Nedd Farm). However, parking will from now be at the site near the bridge and not at the farm yard. How this is to continue to be paid has yet to be confirmed for each type of usage, but I am sure you will be enterprising and find a way to continue our good relationships while this is being sorted!
Access to Centres and other Organised Groups will depend on their demonstrating to the officials of CCC that they have appropriate insurance cover and have carried out the necessary risk assessments. Please will they make contact as soon as possible to clarify their situation.
For sporting cavers it will be deemed that most carry suitable 3rd party liability cover to ensure they are not at financial risk if involved in an accident with their own party. That, however, will be their own decision.
What we do require as a pre-requisite of access is that each member of the group is entering the cave of their own free will, that each knows the sort of difficulties they will encounter and accepts that they are themselves entering what is a potentially dangerous environment at their own risk.
If you wish to dig or carry out some project in the cave please let us know before you start as it is a Cave SSSI and has special protection at law which will not prevent such projects if they are carried out in an acceptable manner.
We hope these arrangements will enable you to continue to enjoy the cave.
For permission for Group/Centre activities please make contact to establish this for the foreseeable future. (Or if you wish to carry out a dig or other special project.)
Contacts… Elsie Little, CCC Conservation Officer
01639 730331
or Bernie Woodley, CCC Assistant Conservation Officer
01685 812488
E.Little. 7th July 2005

Pant Mawr Pot Access- May 2005

Would all cavers wishing to visit Pant Mawr Pot organise a permit which is to be carried with you while crossing Pant Mawr. This is to enable estate ground staff to challenge parties, on behalf of the landowner, and verify that they have permission to be crossing the moor to access the cave.
Daily permits are freely available from the SWCC HQ for all bona fide club cavers.

Llethrid Swallet Access - May 2005

Please would all groups visiting Llethrid Swallet refrain from accessing the swallet from the Green Cwm footpath. There is a 'ransom strip' of land that needs to be crossed, running alongside the footpath. We do not have permission to cross this and any trespass has the potential to cause problems for the landowner of the swallet.
The landowner of Llethrid Swallet, Mr James, is quite happy to give cavers access to the cave. The access will be through Llethrid Farm itself. Please enter through the yard, make a courtesy call at the house, then proceed past the house, through a farm gate, down the valley and over a stile to the Swallet.
For the moment, a key is not needed to enter the cave.

Tooth Cave Access - May 2005

A key is now needed to enter this cave. The old combination lock has been removed due to misuse. A key is held at SWCC HQ.

Ogof Ffynnon Ddu - March 2005

To gain access to the OFD1 entrance, it is necessary to pass very closely to the landowners house walking through his garden, the landowner also draws his water from this system.

So to continue our good caver - landowner relationship please follow this procedure:-
1 - Please be considerate by being as quiet as possible when crossing over the land.
2 - Would groups making a midweek trip ensure that their leader contact the family at Y Grithig beforehand, giving as much notice as possible (This is to protect their water supply.) Their telephone number is on a notice next to the keys at the SWCC HQ and is also held by the local keyholders.
3 - Those Clubs who do not have a registered guest leader may apply to SWCC for a leader to take their party in. Applications should be made to the Assistant Secretary.
Please help to safeguard our relationship with the landowner.

Dan-yr-Ogof - February 2005

A current list of fixed aids in Dan-yr-Ogof is now posted of on their website

Little Neath River Cave and Bridge Cave - January 2005

Please would all cavers be aware that access to these caves is in a delicate situation of negotiation with the owner. If you visit them please behave with extreme care and consideration. Thanks from Elsie.