Archived News 2009

Ogof Draenen Logbook - 3rd September 2009

The Ogof Draenen Logbook has, as of Sunday 30th August, been moved to Cairn Junction within the cave. It has been placed immediately in front of the cairn. Please can all visiting cavers remember to fill it in with the names of all team members, the associated caving clubs and the intended destination.


Aberdare No. 1 Level, Iron Mine, Pontypool. - 20th July 2009

Access is now controlled through Chris Gibbs to all bona fide cavers, see Cave Access page for contact details.


Little Neath River Cave - 6th July 2009

A caving trip today into Little Neath River Cave found no evidance of any pollution, so hopefully anything that was present has now been washed through the cave. But please let our Conservation Officer know if anything re-appears.


Little Neath River Cave - 7th June 2009

Pollution has been reported in Little Neath River Cave, if you are going in then please take care and please forward any feedback to the Conservation Officer .


Andy Eavis at Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon - 10th May 2009

Please find enclosed information about an RGS lecture being given by Andy Eavis on Thursday 25 June.
Andy Eavis.pdf


Mobile Phone 999 and 112 numbers - 8th April 2009

This pdf file may be of interest if you have ever tried calling the emergency services on your mobile phone.
999 Roaming.pdf


Crescent Cave - 14th March 2009

I attempted to visit Crescent Cave today and found the scaffolded shaft in the floor of the entrance chamber to be full of rubble. The cave is not accessible at the moment. There appears to have been a collapse of the right hand wall which filled the shaft.

Robin Weare.


Wet Sink (Slaughter Stream Cave) - 1st March 2009

Due to a collapse in the entrance series Wet Sink (Slaughter Stream Cave) is closed until further notice.

Robin Weare.


Wet Sink (Slaughter Stream Cave) - 3rd February 2009

Sewage pollution.

There have been many instances of sewage pollution both on the surface, & underground at Wetsink earlier last year (2008 ). The cause was failure of one of the pumps at Joyford pumping station, the responsibility of Welsh Water.  Thanks to the help of the Monmouth MP, David Davies, & the Forest of Dean MP, Mark Harper, who involved the Director of the Environment Agency Wales, the replacement of the pumps, albeit longwinded, was speeded up, together with improved telemetry, & we hope there will be no repetition of these incidents.
          We would request all visitors to Wetsink to check if the sewage overflow pipe, which feeds into Drysink, & thence into the cave, is NOT flowing.   If it is, please ring the Environment Agency Wales Hotline, 0800 807060, & also notify me, so that I can then chase the event up. Photographs of the overflow, & any sewage detritus underground would also be gratefully received by me, but not by e-mail, as I am only on dial up.

John W Hine,       Hon Sec FODCCAG.