Archived News 2010

Ogof Draenen Gate - 23rd November 2010

The New gate will be fitted this Saturday 27th November, access will be exactly the same as before with the same padlock, so your existing keys will continue to be used.

Fleur Loveridge


New Cave Find at Ystradfellte - 4th November 2010

The knowledge of a well-decorated new find at Ystradfellte has spread rapidly against the landowners’ wishes.

Those few responsible cavers using the site with permission were working with the landowners and hoping to carry out proper scientific study and to arrange for a subsequent access agreement.

However, others have entered the site without permission, carried out criminal damage at the entrance, which matter is now in the hands of the police, and interfered with the landowners’ privacy and water supply that originates in the cave.

The result is a complete ban on caving at the site and that the cave will be firmly sealed closed.

We thank the landowners for agreeing to do this in a manner that will not damage the cave so that it will be properly protected and we urge all cavers to respect the laws of property.

We only have access to underground sites with a landowners’ permission and landowners may be re-assured that the Cambrian Caving Council, British Caving Association and the British Cave Research Association will always work with them in this matter.

          Elsie Little … 4th November 2010
          (CCC  & BCA Conservation Officer)


Cave Surveying Course 13th/14th November 2010

The course is now arranged for the weekend of 13th/14th November at SWCC with Andrew Atkinson and Wookey doing the teaching. Detailed plans are going to depend on what attendees want from the course but our initial thoughts are that Andrew focuses mostly on the DistoX/PocketTopo/Therion approach to surveying but that we can also cover the more traditional compass/clino/tape methods if there's demand. Day 1 will involve some practical surveying in a convenient bit of OFD and we'll look at how to turn it into a survey on the Sunday. Cost is expected to be £10/head, plus hut fees.

A few places are still available.

Please circulate this to your members who should contact Mike McCombe to reserve a place.


Clarification Regarding Access to Ogof Draenen - 6th April 2010

After a period of uncertainty regarding future access to Ogof Draenen the PDCMG can now confirm that ongoing access to the cave has been secured. However, the conditions attached to this access are that it is by the original entrance to the cave only. Any further attempts to open or otherwise use other entrances to the cave on the land owned by PwllDu Conservation Limited will result in termination of the current access agreement.  We therefore ask all cavers to respect the terms of access to the cave. Details of the new lock and key arrangements are given below.

Fleur Loveridge.


Ogof Draenen Lock Change update - 29th March 2010

As Sue is now on holiday for two weeks, the new Ogof Draenen keys will temporary by available from Fleur Loveridge, 1 Bere Mill Cottages,  London Road, Whitchurch, RG28 7NH.


Ogof Draenen Lock Change - 17th March 2010

At the landowners request we are returning to using a key and not a combination to open the padlock. This means you will now need to apply by post for a key. Please send a letter on Club headed note paper requesting a key for a trip detailing when you want the key. Enclose a stamped Jiffy type envelope with the address for return and a deposit cheque for £10 made payable to PDCMG (Pwll Ddu Cave Management Group). The cheque will be destroyed on return of key. As Jiffy bags are more 5mm thick you will need to use postage for large packages currently 61p per stamp 1st class.

Requests to be sent to Sue Mabbett, PDCMG Permit Secretary, 2, Garth Close, Morganstown, Cardiff, CF15 8LF

Envelopes without the required postage will incur ~£1.50 surcharge from sorting office so please ensure you use correct postage. The new padlock goes on 21st March and the Sue Mabbett goes on holiday 26th March for two weeks so any requests for Easter weekend will need to be in the post quickly.

If you are a member of a club which previously had permanent access then your club may already have a key – but only if they replied to my earlier correspondence.

Sue Mabbett
Access Officer
Pwll Ddu Cave Management Group